Low-Fat Diet Why Fat-Free Isnt Trouble-Free

Weight loss and diet are popular New Year’s resolutions, and with 2018 ringing in, it’s no wonder if you have a similar resolution. Low-fat diets are the all-time fad, but are they truly healthy? Here’s what you need to know about going low-fat and why a fat-free diet for weight loss isn’t always trouble-free.


Cycling Doesn’t Just Make You Healthier It Makes You Smarter Happier too!

Mumbai gets its first ‘Sunday-cycle’ track, where two lanes will especially be dedicated for cyclists from NCPA theatre to Worli Sea link every Sunday. It’s a great news for the cyclists of the city, and also for the environment. But did you know there are mental benefits of cycling too? Yes, there’s a close relationship between cycling and the way your brain functions. 


Help Your Child Deal Better With Teasing

Teasing or being teased has always been an inevitable part of one’s childhood journey. In a milder form, it is often considered to be a form of playful social exchange, and can help promote acceptance and humility. It also helps children adapt to constructive criticism. However, not all teasing is friendly and it can often have harmful consequences. Hence, it is pertinent that parents identify the signs of bullying and take necessary steps to bully-proof children.


Autism Spectrum Disorder – What It Really Means…

Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is easily among the most misunderstood medical conditions affecting us today. More often than not, people with autism are considered ‘retarded’ and ‘mentally challenged’, when fact is that people on the autism spectrum tend to have either average or above average intelligence levels, and any diagnosis of an autism spectrum condition will have nothing whatsoever to do with how intelligent they are.


Decoding Nicotine…

It’s universally accepted that smoking is harmful to the body. We’ve heard time and again of a variety of toxins inside cigarettes, ranging from tar to ammonia to carbon monoxide, but none of them is considered as harmful as nicotine. Why so? What does it do that makes it so bad for our body? Is it really THAT harmful?


Bon Voyage! Have a HEALTHY vacation!

Does your diet go on a vacation too when you’re traveling? Traveling can often pose challenges to those on a diet. A vacation is usually considered as an excuse to go off-track from your diet by indulging in over-sized meals or foods with high fat or leaving the exercise in a corner. But, if you plan well in advance, you can have your cake and eat it too. It does not have to be a hilly road. Read more for some tips to manage your health when on vacation…


Be ‘Label’ Cautious

Have you ever looked at a food label and found yourself wondering what is it all about? In today’s busy world, we often glance quickly at food labels and conclude if the food is healthy or not. But are you reading all the information correctly? The simple fact is that nutrient content listed on food labels is often more convoluted than it appears to our busy minds, camouflaging essential information within it.

Our nutrition expert, Mansi Padechia, decodes the illusive food label for you.