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Low-Fat Diet Why Fat-Free Isnt Trouble-Free

Weight loss and diet are popular New Year’s resolutions, and with 2018 ringing in, it’s no wonder if you have a similar resolution. Low-fat diets are the all-time fad, but are they truly healthy? Here’s what you need to know about going low-fat and why a fat-free diet for weight loss isn’t always trouble-free.


Cycling Doesn’t Just Make You Healthier It Makes You Smarter Happier too!

Mumbai gets its first ‘Sunday-cycle’ track, where two lanes will especially be dedicated for cyclists from NCPA theatre to Worli Sea link every Sunday. It’s a great news for the cyclists of the city, and also for the environment. But did you know there are mental benefits of cycling too? Yes, there’s a close relationship between cycling and the way your brain functions. 


Autism Spectrum Disorder – What It Really Means…

Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is easily among the most misunderstood medical conditions affecting us today. More often than not, people with autism are considered ‘retarded’ and ‘mentally challenged’, when fact is that people on the autism spectrum tend to have either average or above average intelligence levels, and any diagnosis of an autism spectrum condition will have nothing whatsoever to do with how intelligent they are.